Richard H. Fowler

Research interests center on information visualization for document retrieval and interactive systems generally. Other projects are concerned with information management and the uses of visualization across disciplines.

The Information Navigator system was an early use of visual representations in information retrieval.

The Document Explorer system provided graph based interactive visual representations of document collections, focusing on applications in the Web. Its visual representations based on semantic relations of Web documents, index terms, and queries supplied alternative means of representation for browsing and retrieval. The project also explored various elements of 3D graph layout, display, and interaction, as well as the use of stereoscopic viewing.

Other projects have explored a range of information visualization applications. The papers listed below report systems implemented by University of Texas Pan American students.

Information management in the context of computer science education has been the focus of a number of projects.

Early work dealt with the comparison of techniques for generating facial images from subjects' verbal descriptions and user interface analysis.

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